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Putin is a completely deranged fool. You Russians must get rid of him for the sake of the world before he causes a nuclear catastrophe. Stop the war in Ukraine. How long will it be before the Russian people get up and decide that they have had enough of the dictatorial, criminal thugs who run their country? Is it not time to get rid of such people so that the Russian people can begin to move towards a more prosperous, liberal, happy and peaceful country?

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Site updated:
25th June 2016

A very warm Welcome from Shaggy and Alice

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This is the latest of the Flash Rings of pictures. In this Gallery, Jethro is featured, with more than 40 pictures.
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Jethro the young Corn Snake

And when you have seen Jethro's pictures,
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Corn snakes Shaggy and Alice
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The Vivarium Building page
Completely re-written and brought right up to date

This is a handy guide for anyone building a vivarium for a corn snake

See The Corn Snakes Forum

This is arguably the best Corn Snakes Forum worldwide. Just join up and ask the members what they'll see...

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The Corn Snakes Book

A new venture - an eBook for you to purchase.

The Online Chatroom

A brand new page for you to chat to each other. Go and see Online Chatroom

The latest Gallery of pictures of Shaggy and Alice

A new gallery of pictures from 2007/8 Snake Pictures Gallery Fourteen

Build a Vivarium

A brand new page detailing instructions on how to Build A Vivarium for your Corn Snakes

Other Peoples Snakes Gallery Fourteen

The latest gallery of pictures sent to me by you, the visitors... And there are some reallly excellent pictures, too...
Take a look at Other Peoples Snake Pictures Gallery Fourteen

Hey, I finally got a Guestbook for you to sign

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A Short Introduction to Corn Snakes

Keeping snakes has been an interest of mine for some years now and these pages are just a few words about how I got started in snake keeping and what an easy to keep pet snakes are compared with many other pets. Hopefully some of this will be useful information for anyone thinking about buying their first snake - or, indeed, building a vivarium for a corn snake.

There are around 250 pictures of my two corn snakes, Shaggy and Alice, and more than 600 pictures of Other Peoples Snakes. There is an index to the Shaggy and Alice pictures on the Snake Pictures page. The latest Gallery is number Fourteen, but there are also pages of pictures and words devoted to Alice shedding her skin and laying eggs. See the Corn Snake Shedding Skin and the Corn Snake Laying Eggs pages for a description and pictures of her shedding her skin and laying eggs.

As well as the many other pages on the site, there is a Links page to other herpetology sites. If you are a herpetologist with a website, then email me if you'd like a link. And of course, there are the usual Sitemap and Search pages, to help you find stuff on the site.

A recent addition to the site is about hatchling corn snakes that are reluctant to feed and ways of cajoling or persuading them to eat. See the Corn Snake Feeding Problems page. If you have a corn snake such as this, then please read this page before emailing me asking what to do.

One of the more successful additions to the site is the Corn Snakes Forum. This is community with hundreds of members in the UK and more around the world. If you have any question that is troubling you about your corn snake, then this is the very best place to get the answer to your question - the many combined years of experience of the members means there are almost no questions we cannot answer.

With more than 5000 questions asked about corn snakes and over 10,000 topics in all, there is no doubt this Forum has proved to be very popular - and as well as all this, there are more than 1,500 postings on the Pictures section. Why not join up and have a look? Introduce yourself and you will be sincerely welcomed and soon become a part of a great little community.

At the last count, with all of those of Shaggy and Alice and all other snakes included, there were 922 snake pictures on this site.

Site last updated: 25th June 2016

Most recently added new pages are
Shaggy and Alice Flash Picture Galleries
Jethro Snake Pictures
The Corn Snakes Book page
Corn Snakes Forum
Online Chatroom
Gallery Fourteen of Shaggy and Alice Pictures
Build a Vivarium for Corn Snakes
Feeding and Shedding Record
Latest Gallery of Other Peoples Snake Pictures.

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Thank you...

It seems this site is still growing in popularity!!!

This site has been going for quite a few years now and with more than ten thousand unique visitors to the site every month, this is a lot of visitors whichever way you look at it...

Thank you to you all from Steve - owner of Shaggy and Alice + Jethro...

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