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Site updated:
25th June 2016

Snake Pictures of Shaggy and Alice

The Snake Picture Galleries

There are over 250 thumbnails in fourteen main galleries and also some other pages of Corn Snake pictures - including pictures of the snakes feeding, shedding, laying eggs and hatching.

Gallery One, from 1999 is the oldest, and is of pictures mainly taken by Brian MacKichan using his SLR 35mm camera with macro lens attached.

Galleries Two to Six, taken from 2000-2001 are excellent quality digital pictures courtesy of Dave Symes and his 3Mpixel Olympus C3030z camera.

Galleries Seven to Thirteen are pictures from mid-2002 to 2006, taken by me with the 4Megapixel Pentax Optio 430RS.

Gallery Fourteen is a selection of pictures from 2007 and 2008, taken by me with another excellent digital camera, the 7.2Megapixel Sony Cyber-shot W55.

Choose your Gallery...

Latest Gallery at the top of the list

  • Gallery Fourteen    THE LATEST  With a new camera, some good closeup pictures of Shaggy and Alice - 2007/8
    27 thumbnails

  • Gallery Thirteen    Pictures of Shaggy and Alice - 2006
    30 thumbnails

  • Gallery Twelve    Pictures of Shaggy and Alice - 2004/5
    36 thumbnails

  • Gallery Eleven    Pictures of Shaggy and Alice - Summer 2003
    16 thumbnails

  • Gallery Ten    Pictures of Shaggy - Springtime 2003
    14 thumbnails

  • Gallery Nine    Shaggy and Alice - various piccies - December 2002
    14 thumbnails

  • Gallery Eight    Shaggy and Alice - a mixture of different shots - September 2002
    15 thumbnails

  • Gallery Seven    Shaggy and Alice - a mixture of different shots - August 2002
    7 thumbnails

  • Gallery Six    Shaggy and Alice - some closeups - 5th December 2001
    8 thumbnails

  • Gallery Five    The Cornsnake hatchlings - 15th July 2001
    4 thumbnails

  • Gallery Four    Alice with her second clutch of eggs - 14th July 2001
    9 thumbnails

  • Gallery Three    Shaggy feeding - June 2001
    12 thumbnails

  • Gallery Two    Alice swallowing a mouse backwards - April 2001
    18 thumbnails

  • Gallery One    Alice and Shaggy - December 1999-September 2000
    18 thumbnails   Includes two snaps by me of Alice shedding her skin
Don't forget to take a look at the Corn Snake Shedding Skin and the
Corn Snake Laying Eggs pages for a description and pictures of Alice shedding her skin and laying eggs earlier in 2003.

Please Note

The quality of all the full sized pictures in the various snake picture galleries is slightly less than the original .jpg picture files, because the originals are much larger files and so would take too long to load on a web page - many are 2.5Mb or more.

If you would like a FREE copy of any of the original .jpg picture files then simply email me. Include the names of the picture files that you would like - to find the name of a picture file, right click on the full size picture and look at Properties in the popup menu. I shall send the pictures to your email address as attachments. If the file(s) come to more than 3Mb then I shall inform you first and also split into more than one email (one per picture), as your postbox may otherwise overflow - so don't worry about very large unexpected attachments. Ok?

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